At Eldorado Construction And Allied Services Limited, We Redefine Luxury

What is your definition of Luxury?
a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.

With this in mind, it is clear that not everyone can afford luxury, or even the state of great comfort.

But, do you know that in Eldorado Construction, we can grant your heart desires and give you the house of your dreams.
If you can’t build that castle on that 500sqm land, you can still build your mansion on your own piece of land.

We can give you a taste of luxury in its own way.
Show us that land of yours and we will give you just what you desire on it.

Our Team of Architects will sketch you a fitting drawing /design, Our team of Engineers will make sure they see to it that your dream house is realised on that land, our team of finishers will make sure that everything is perfect including the interior and exterior designs and painting. This we do just to make sure you have a touch of class and luxury in your own little way.

So, don’t make excuses anymore. Show us that land of yours and let’s make your dream come true.
We’ll be waiting! 08036626163 or 08027539549
WhatsApp line +2348164206303
Address 303 Capital Hub Along Banex Road Abuja Nigeria

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