Eldorado Construction

A building is not a fixed product. It is not like a motorbike or a designers shirt. Yet, we often make the mistake of trying to purchase it as if it were a fixed product.

You don’t just wake up and see a building you like and then start to ask for the price of that building. More especially, we know serious clients. They don’t just ask for prices on our social media pages, they either visit our office or DM us immediately.

Every building you see on our social media platforms has it own unique concept, a concept that suits that particular client. The Architectural design is done to suit his needs, his land size and his budget.

Your own taste might be different and so is your land size and budget. So, we may not be able to give you exactly what you saw on our page simply because what you have cannot guarantee that.

We design and build for our clients based on their needs, land size and budget.
If you want us to build for you, tell us your land size, your style of house and your budget, then we will give you according to your desire.

We are not saying that you should not admire a building design on our page, but please do not always be in a hurry to ask for the price range. You may be able to do more, or you may not have enough money to build it, which will make you runaway from us once you hear the price for that particular building.

Once you see a building on our page and you are serious about wanting that kind of building on your land, first of all send us a dm or Whatsapp, or better still visit our office. Then tell us your land size and what you want on that land. We will give you exactly what will fit on it.

The good thing is that yours might turn out to be more beautiful than that which you saw on our page the first time.

We are open to serious clients, and they know how to get to us.

Remember, we will always be your no. 1 sure plug for building the best luxurious and affordable houses. Chat 08164206308, call 08036626163, 08027539549. Email eldoradoconstructionltd@gmail.com, eldoradointerior56@gmail.com 

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